Various analog or digital electronics projects.

There is a whole city inside of every electronic appliance in our houses, and the ability to navigate those cities has been lost between generations. I've been obsessed with electricity recently and love figuring out how to repair fans, guitars, amplifiers, radios, etc. I like to use salvaged parts in my new circuits to give new life to old components. I'm working on a couple things that I would like to develop into inventions!

Second iteration of my 3D printed speaker project. Click for demo
3D printed speakers with custom voice coil, etc. Click for demo
Modified Homedics Sound Spa. Click for demo
Old boombox converted to guitar amp. Click for demo
Prototype of a 3D model viewing interface. Click for demo
A feedback pedal, the first pedal I made. Click for demo
A Jurassic scene with a music-controlled pool of ferrofluid
Old 60's CB radio converted to 1/4" plug for live performance use
Guitar speaker cab made from old reel-to-reel tape player