During 2014-2015 I organized a series of art exhibitions at The Boreal, the local DIY music space in Eugene, OR. There were four shows total with some awesome up-and-coming artists showing their work to friends and the public. Visitors also bought records and books from the venue’s infoshop. All of these artists were personally selected for good reason, so check out their websites linked below!

The first show included work by Miles Bowers, Brinkley Capriola, Katelynn Erb, Saumon Ghaemi, Emma Haskins, and Cole Hersey.

The second show was a collaboration with Sam Krop at the Boreal, an art teacher at a local art high school. There were around 30 of her students in the show (Sam did most of the work.)

The third show was titled “Fragments” and dealt with the theme of fragmentation and any related concepts. The show included work by Rachel Lemme, Stephen Leveckis, Gabriel Lutes, Riley McLaughlin, and Reyn Yeager.

The fourth show was titled “COOL FUTURE” and was about the future, modernity, and/or newness. The show included work by Clara Munro, Johannah Roake, Taylor Wilson, Tanner Henderson, and myself.


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