I’m Ted Kessler, an up-and-coming UX/UI/Product Designer with programming experience and a background in healthcare technology from the Bay Area, CA. After 5.5 years of experience in medical software as a Case Analyst and Product Investigator I-III, I recently finished a UX/UI Design certificate program. I found this Product Designer position with Halo and I’m excited about it because I’m very passionate about science and innovation, and I’m looking to make a big difference for the better in this realm!

Here is how I specifically align with your posted qualifications (taken from the job description):

  • You are professionally precocious with a proven track record developing innovative designs that are beautiful, delightful and easy-to-use. A can-do attitude, creativity and drive are more important to us than years of experience.
  • You have experience at a fast-growing startup and/or a marketplace, professional network or enterprise SaaS business.
  • You know best practices in design and when not to “reinvent the wheel,” but also when best practices should be ignored and new paradigms explored.
  • You’re an excellent communicator and can justify design-decisions based on qualitative insights or data
  • You appreciate feedback while not being shy to share your own.
  • You are resourceful, organized and deadline-driven with a bias towards action.
  • You are adept at using design and behavioral psychology to nudge users down a desired path
  • You know Figma inside and out.
  • You’re fun (like us) and don’t take yourself too seriously. While technically a job, this shouldn’t feel like work because you’re inspired by the mission and energized by the challenge.

Below are links to the UX/UI design projects I’ve completed during my UX certificate course. Food Art with Kids was my first paid freelance project, and the others are unpaid class projects.

I also have some smaller design exercises posted on Dribbble.

Thanks so much for visiting! Please contact me via my contact form, LinkedIn, or by email with any questions.

Psychfinder: a mental health app

Zeit: A Time Travel Booking Company

Mini Project: Coverbot, a voice-powered insurance coverage helper

Food Art with Kids: a creative cooking site

Sitewide Dietary Filtering Feature for Instacart