I’m Ted Kessler, an up-and-coming UX/UI/Product Designer and 3D artist with programming experience and a background in healthcare technology from the Bay Area, CA. I recently finished a UX/UI Design certificate program and I’m looking to do some high-quality work for a great company. I found this Product Design Intern position with Lyra Health and I’m very excited about it because I am immensely passionate about healthcare, specifically mental health, and I am looking to make a big difference for the better in this realm.

Here is how I specifically align with your desired qualifications (taken from the job description):

  • A recent 2022 graduate, or currently enrolled student working towards a degree with at least one year remaining to complete, in : Design, Computer Science (CS), Human Computer Interaction (HCI) or related field (Graduated with a B.S. in Digital Arts in 2015, and recently completed a UX/UI Design certificate program)
  • Prior internship/work experience (paid UX project: Food Art with Kids)
  • Familiarity with product design tools (Figma)
  • Passion for learning about modern industry systems, cross platform design (mobile, web, desktop, etc) and bonus points for a desire to deepen knowledge on mental health care
  • A resume and portfolio of mobile or web design work is required for consideration. It should include at least one design project that shows your product design capabilities, your involvement, and how you contributed to approaching the problem, opportunity, and solution

Below is a link to my most relevant UX/UI design project: Psychfinder, an app that helps patients find mental healthcare providers. I’m excited because this seems to align closely with your company’s work, and I chose the topic of mental healthcare for this project because it’s my desired career trajectory.

Underneath that are links to the other UX/UI design projects I’ve done during my UX/UI bootcamp course.

My other work may be of interest as well.

Thanks so much for visiting! Please contact me via my contact form, LinkedIn, or by email with any questions.

Psychfinder: a mental health app

Mini Project: Coverbot, a voice-powered insurance coverage helper

Sitewide Dietary Filtering Feature for Instacart

Food Art with Kids: a creative cooking site

Zeit: A Time Travel Booking Company