I’m Ted Kessler, a UX/web designer and multimedia artist with programming experience and a background in healthcare technology from the Bay Area, CA. I recently finished a UX/UI Design certificate program and I’m looking to do some high-quality work for a great company. I found your Web Designer position and I’d love to be considered for the role.

Here is how I specifically align with the responsibilities and desired qualifications (taken from the job description – a check indicates I’ve done it or have that skill):


  • Create wireframes or mockups for web pages and applications
  • Design layouts for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
  • Create branding and identity systems for websites, apps, and other media
  • Design graphics, icons, and logos
  • Work with developers to implement visual elements of websites
  • Research and evaluate new design trends


  • Demonstrable graphic design skills 
  • A strong eye for visual design and composition
  • Effective time management skills to meet deadlines
  • Ability to solve problems creatively 
  • Detail oriented 
  • Knowledge of UI and UX 
  • Proficiency with publishing tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma (or Sketch). 

As shown on my resume, I began designing websites in freelance work and as a contractor with a company called Apollo Future Technologies when I was in high school and college (2011-2014). At this point I was mostly self-taught and largely learning on-the-job. This work involved choosing templates and applying them to websites, writing content, and editing/creating graphics for the websites using Volusion and WordPress content management systems. It also involved setting up and analyzing Google Analytics tracking, building wireframes, A/B testing, site speed analysis, SEO, and SEM on live websites that were selling real products to real customers. I was the fourth employee of Apollo Future Technologies and they had 25+ when I moved on, and they are still around today.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts from University of Oregon in 2015. My experience with 3D led me to HeartFlow, a company with a cutting-edge noninvasive cardiac diagnostic tool. I joined when they were a growing startup and now they are in hospitals and clinics worldwide, covering 96% of patients in the US. My work there was deeply analytical and investigative and I became an expert on their product while helping customers (largely physicians and CT technologists).

I left HeartFlow in 2021 — while I enjoyed the work and loved the people I worked with, the work was very rigid and regulated rather than creative, and I wanted to get back to my creative roots. I enrolled in a UX/UI Design bootcamp program to brush up on my design skills and graduated at the end of January 2022. I love UX because it uses all sides of my brain — the deeply analytical side that I had success with at HeartFlow, and the creative side that I have had many other successes with.

Below are links to several UX/UI design projects I’ve done during my UX/UI bootcamp course. I have also built and run this portfolio website and a couple other WordPress sites.

My other work may be of interest as well.

Thanks so much for your time! I’d love to talk more about my fit for this role. Contact me via my contact form, LinkedIn, or by email with any inquiries.

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