I’m Ted Kessler, an up-and-coming UX/UI/Product Designer and 3D artist with programming experience and a background in healthcare technology from the Bay Area, CA. I just finished a UX/UI Design certificate program and then moved from Austin, TX to Vancouver, WA. I found this Product Designer position with Luma Health and I’m excited about it because I’m passionate about healthcare and I’m looking to make a big difference for the better in this realm.

Here is how I specifically align with your desired qualifications (taken from the job description):

✔ Have 3+ years of experience working for a product-driven company (5.5 years in medical technology, though not specifically as a UX/Product Designer)

✔ Have experience designing business and consumer-focused products (Bonus for experience designing data-dense products)

✔ Have a diverse portfolio that demonstrates your ability to craft intuitive experiences

✔ Have experience collaborating with a cross-functional team and giving/ingesting feedback in a thoughtful way 

✔ Open-minded and are willing to be proven wrong

✔ Attentive to detail and always determined to push work to the next level

✔ Strong organizational and time management skills, and the ability to balance multiple priorities on a tight schedule

Below is a link to my most relevant UX/UI design project: Psychfinder, an app that helps patients find mental healthcare providers. I chose the topic of mental health for this project based on a friend’s difficulty in booking a mental healthcare appointment combined with my interest in healthcare.

Underneath that are links to the other UX/UI design projects I’ve done during my UX certificate course.

I also have some smaller projects posted on Dribbble.

Thanks so much for visiting! Please contact me via my contact form, LinkedIn, or by email with any questions.

Psychfinder: a mental health app

Sitewide Dietary Filtering Feature for Instacart

Zeit: A Time Travel Booking Company

Food Art with Kids: a creative cooking site